​Holistic Project Management Consulting​



This training is focused on enabling project managers to deliver successful projects while monitoring the factors that impact waste, harm, and destruction to what we call the P5s. These concepts are related to:

Planet                   exploring project impact to environment

People                  ensuring no hard is inflicted on humans 

Profit                    managing financial aspects

​Process                 governance of the organization

Product                dealing with technical component

Understand these components and how they address project management tools to achieve project goals.

Focus on ISO 21500 standards for Project Management

​For more information send request to info@holisticPMC.com


PMI PMP related training and workshops that drive project managers to improve processes leading to successful and efficient projects. Evaluation administered to match the right client with the appropriate program.

Exceeds required 35 hours needed to sit for PMI PMP Certification Exam. Workshops delivered to make training environment fun and most complete.  

Brain dump workshops, PMP Math workshops, Exam Questions overview,  + More!

Dedicated assistance with PMI PMP application.

For more information send request to info@holisticPMC.com

  1. GPM-b Classes & Chats
  2. PMP Classes & Discussions
  3. Memorization Workshop
  4. Math Workshop
  5. 1:1 Coaching
  6. Career Discussions
  7. Application Assistance


Our sustainable approach saves time (no travel to training meetings) and resources. We  don't  bill for travel expenses. Virtual Instructor-led Training saves time and money !